Director: Marcus O. Rosenmüller (2011)

Audio Samples

Larissas Lied 0:54
Abschied 1:31


Hanna Reich (Mathilda Adamik) lives with her German parents in Poltava, a small town in the Ukraine, where they own a brewery. One day, Hanna sees Abrascha (Elin Kolev) and Larissa (Imogen Burrell) playing at a classical music concert and is immediately thrilled and inspired. Abrascha is an incredibly talented violinist and Larissa shares his genius on the piano. These two young prodigies are being hailed as Ukraine's newest Wunderkinder. They start out playing for members of the ruling party, but before long they are travelling throughout Russia, giving concerts to people of high rank; right up to Stalin himself.

Hanna, who is still fascinated by the two stars, wants nothing more than to play violin with them and be their friend, and when Abrascha and Larissa don't think much of the idea, Hanna asks her father (Kai Wiesinger) to help. With his money he coerces them to play violin with his daughter. Unfortunately they still aren't very enthused about Hanna, and not until they take lessons together with Irina Salmonova (Gudrun Landgrebe) does the ice break and they become friends.

But it isn't long before that friendship is put to severe test, because the war and the Germans are storming their way into Russia. With the aid of Abrascha and Larissa's Jewish parents, the Reich family manages to escape the grasp of the local Party and goes into hiding in the abandoned basement of their brewery. Then, as the German forces march into Poltava, the Reich family does all it can to return the favour, but they are up against tough odds …